Play N Learn Mathematical Board Game
Play N Learn Mathematical Board Game

Board Game Math Skills Mathematical Play N Learn Fun Learning Game

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Looking for a Mathematical game for your students to practise their 4 basic operations; add, subtract, multiply and divide? This educational math skill game is what you need. 20 rings of one colour is given to the players. First player shakes the 3 dice together. If they are 2, 2, 1 the player can use add, subtract, multiply and divide to calculate the answer. For example if the player calculates 2 + 2 + 1 = 5, then he can put his yellow ring on the game board column on number 5. Then the next player shakes the dice and calculate the answer again. The player who finishes all his rings onto the game board is the winner. Players need to calculate quickly the different permutations of the numbers on the dice to win this game. Develops mental calculation skill, quick thinking and an analytical mind. This fun learning game comes with . Game board measuring 175 x 166 mm for 3 players . 20 rings of yellow, green and red . 3 dice . Sticker label Age appropriate for 6 years old and up.

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